Ceiling Type Evaporators

Our ceiling type evaporators which are capable to provide small and middle ranges of cooling capacities are able to respond the demands of commercial refrigerations.

Aluminum fins with high efficiency

5/16” - 3/8” copper tubes

Compatible with R 404A, R 507A, R 22, R 134A and R407C refrigerants

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They contain a wide capacity range from 2,4 kW to 13 kW. (These capacity ranges are given for R404A refrigerant type.)

  • 1

    High Efficient Aluminium Fins

  • 2

    4-6-8mm fin spacings

  • 3

    The copper tubes in ½’’ in diameters

  • 4

    Working capability with 404A, R 507A ve R 134A gases

  • 5

    High pressured test in 35 bar

  • 5

    High operating pressure till to 20 bar

  • 5

    Sending by positive pressure pressing with nitrogen

They might be covered optionally with epoxy cover aluminium fin